Hello Friends.

We wanted to send you two friendly reminders.


Even though we mentioned tree care instructions in our last email, we wanted to connect with you again seeing that the summer heat is making a return.  How you water your tree has a big effect on the tree’s life!

(1)  As a general rule, you do not want to water your new tree(s) more than 2 times a week.

(2)  Run your garden hose to the base of the tree and lay it on top of the mulch about 3-6 inches from the trunk.  Turn the water on to a slow trickle.  Keeping the water flow at a slow trickle will ensure that water is getting down into the root ball and not flowing off the top away from the roots.

(3) Keep the water trickle on the tree for 35-45 minutes.

NOTE: In drought-like conditions, water your tree at least 3 times a week (if not more, based on the ground’s condition).


  • Evergreens do not like “wet feet,” that is, they will not live if they sit in too much water.
  • River birch and willows need more water, so water them 2-4 times a week (still at a slow trickle).

Lastly, the sure-fire way to know if your tree needs water is to check the soil condition of the root ball.  You can do one of two things to check the soil.

(1) Carefully dig a little bit under the mulch on top of the root ball to see whether the soil is dry or damp.

(2) Take an 8 inch screwdriver and slowly stick it in the root ball about 10 inches from the trunk.  If you can get it in 6 inches easily, then there is moisture still in the root ball.  If you cannot easily get it down 6 inches, then put some water on the tree according to the instructions above.

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