New Trees Need Water

It may go without saying that your tree will need water immediately after it’s planted in your yard.  Without sufficient water, your tree will not survive!  The most important question is, “How much water?”  Newly planted trees do not like too much water, and they surely do not like drought conditions.  Here’s a quick reference to help you out.

Watch the Weather

One thing that will determine how much you water your tree is the weather.  If you get a decent amount of rain, you will not need to water your tree as much.  If it rains quite a bit, you will likely not need to water your tree for a couple days.  Hopefully you get some good rain that will help give your new trees what they need.  If not, become familiar with the next section so you know how to water properly.

Use a Garden Hose

Run a garden hose to the tree and put the open end 3-6 inches from the trunk (no need for a sprayer). Turn on the water until you get a pencil-thin stream of water running out. Let this slow trickle run for 25-35 minutes. In most cases, one time a week (if it doesn’t rain) is sufficient.

If you have an in-ground irrigation system, beware of the system over-watering your tree(s). In drought-like conditions, your tree may require water twice a week.

Check the Soil

The best way to know if your tree needs water is to check the ground below it.

One way to do this is to dig down along the root ball to check the consistency of the ground. If you discover that it’s cool to the touch and has a soft play-dough like feel, you’re in good shape. If the dirt crumbles in your hand, it’s time to water.

Another way to check the soil is to take a long screwdriver (4 inches or longer) and poke it into the ground about 10 inches from the trunk. If the ground is moist, the screwdriver will go in pretty easily. If you can’t poke it in easily at least 6 inches, it’s time to water.

Watch Your Tree Grow

It typically takes up to two years before your new tree is fully established in the ground as it should be.

When the tree is planted, the roots are compacted from being in the root ball.  Over time and with sufficient water, these roots will begin to expand into the earth around the tree.

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