Since the spring season began and we opened our doors, we have been very encouraged by the response we received from our great customers like you.

Things have slowed down a bit around the farm due to us entering the peak of the summer heat (although, the past several days have been a treat), which has allowed us to breathe a little and reflect upon the busy spring season.

We installed several hundred trees this spring, which we believe is a great success. At the same time, however, an even greater success is knowing that you are satisfied with your overall experience with Fort Wayne Trees. We want to ensure that you are pleased with your purchase and that the investment you made will provide exactly what you want.

See the content below for a reminder on tree care tips, tree benefits, and a request for some reviews.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback for us, please send us a note!

Even though you’ve already purchased some trees from us, keep us in mind for any future additions you would like to make to your property. And always, tell a friend!

Have a great rest of the summer!

Fort Wayne Trees Management

15% discount for returning customers. Offer valid through July 2014.

Aside from this special we are running through July, we also have a bargain bay in which we have trees that are 50% off. Come check them out!


Watering your tree is the most important thing you can do right now.  How much water does your tree need?  Well, it just depends.  You don’t want to water too much, and you don’t want to nelgect watering either.  Click here to make sure you’re giving your tree the amount of water it needs.


There are some awesome benefits to having great looking trees in your yard: shade, beauty, property value, and privacy. If you’re not aware of these, take a look at our website’s info to learn more.


We value your feedback.  We want to always be improving, providing the best product and service as possible.  If you have a gmail account, please consider giving us a review! Click the icon above, and then locate the “Write a review” link just below the street view picture.