Emerald Ash Borer

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Since first being discovered in American in 2002, the green beetle, also known as the emerald ash borer, has devastated millions of ash trees throughout the country, especially our community in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Although native to Asia, this invasive species has spread itself through many parts of the country and is thought to have [...]

Beautiful Blue!

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If you are into blue, we got the tree for you! You won't find a better, more beautiful blue spruce around. We have a variety of blue specimens to fit your needs. From our 6' Fat Albert and Hoopsi Spruce, to our huge 12' Colorado Blue Spruce, we have a great variety for you to [...]

Digging Evergreens

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  Dig season is upon us! Evergreens are the first trees that are able to be dug after the spring-summer season.  Fort Wayne Trees will be reloading on our evergreen inventory in the upcoming weeks.  Some of the evergreen varieties that we carry are norway spruce, colorado blue spruce, serbian spruce, blackhill spruce, white spruce, [...]

Customer Appreciation Newsletter

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Greetings! Since the spring season began and we opened our doors, we have been very encouraged by the response we received from our great customers like you. Things have slowed down a bit around the farm due to us entering the peak of the summer heat (although, the past several days have been a treat), [...]

Summer is Here

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As if the hot, humid weather hasn't convinced you already, summer is indeed here. Fort Wayne Trees is thankful for the summer season—well, at least the beginning and end of it. In the midst of summer, the heat is on high and the ground is often really dry, which make installations a bit tricky. Despite [...]

Evergreen Screen

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Looking to create privacy for your property?  Fort Wayne Trees has a large selection of evergreens that will give you the privacy that you are looking for today! With a great selection of mature and large trees, we can help provide trees that will give you year-round privacy from ugly structures, pesky neighbors, or busy streets. [...]

Value of Trees

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Having trees in your lawn can prove to be the biggest asset that you have at your property. It will not only increase the value of your house but also beautify the landscape apart from other environmental benefits that come along. They will purify the atmosphere you live in and also help make your property a healthier place to live in, free from pollution. This is [...]